About Catalina Resources

Catalina Resources PLC ("Catalina") is a UK-registered, mineral exploration company established in 2006 to find, explore, evaluate and develop mineral resources in South America.

It has focused on Chile, the most mineral-rich country in South America, through its wholly-owned, Chile-registered subsidiary - Minera Catalina S.A.

Characterised by a strong management with specific geological skills and funded by equity placements with a group of private investors, un-listed Catalina is exploring for gold and silver in the mineral-rich Atacama Desert of Chile.

Additional properties are in the pipeline and active project generation is in progress.

The Board of Directors comprises:

  • Peter Bridges, British, a geologist with over 40 years practical experience in mining, mineral exploration and as a CEO of a fully-listed UK public Company.
  • Andrew Shaw, British, a geologist with over 35 years in mineral exploration mainly in South America.
  • Ceri Phipps, British, a geologist with a background in the mining and power industries is a non-executive director.

Andrew Shaw is resident in Chile; Peter Bridges and Ceri Phipps are
resident in the UK